Four Square Stand Up Card 


This card is flat enough to post, but pops up for display keeping your personal message secretly hidden.


A4 White or Coloured Card

Mat 1 Contrasting or Matching Colour – 4 x 8.5cm x 8.5cm squares

(Plus some additional for Variation Belly Band if required)

Mat 2 – White or light Colour – 4 x 8cm x 8cm squares

Large scrap of white (or other) card for outside decoration.

Decoration and Sentiment

Stamps and Inkpads

Embossing Folder or Decorative Dies

Embellishments or  Bling!

 Base Card

1.       FIRST: In portrait position cut a 3 cm piece off the long side for the belly band. Put aside.

2.       The short side will now be 18 cm.

 Cutting & Scoring

3.       In landscape position measure to 18cm and cut, to create an 18 cm x 18 cm card.

4.       To create 4 equal squares, mark the centre (at 9cm) on all edges of the base card.  Score across the centre one side to the other.  Turn and repeat on the other side.

5.       On what will become the lower side of the card, cut along the score line from the CENTRE to the bottom edge only.


6.       Inside - attach all coloured mats to the four inside squares of the card.

7.       Decorate 2 of the white/light cards and attach to the top 2 inside squares.

8.       Stamp the sentiment onto the 3rd white card and attach to the lower right hand square.

9.       Stamp the last white/light card, which is used for writing your personal message on, and should be left mostly blank for that purpose.

 To decorate this last card a little, sponge around the edges and perhaps stamp a small image or part image to match the other decorations but leave the rest blank for the personal message.  Attach to the lower left hand square.



10.   To stand up fold up top half and fold in lower right hand side to slide over the lower left hand side.

11.   The lower left hand side will be covered to keep your personal message private.

12.   When complete lay flat and fold the bottom half up over the top half.  With the cut pieces facing you, fold away from you for a flat card.  (The cut pieces will be on the outside.)

 Belly Band

13.   To keep the completed flat card together use a belly band.

14.   Decorate the belly band strip by stamping with the decorative stamps (as used on the inside) and Versamark or matching/contrasting ink.

15.   Using the decorative stamps and embellishments on the white card scrap, create your decoration for the belly band.

16.   Loosely fold the belly band around the card.  There will be some overlap.  If the overlap is too long trim a little off before securing with double sided tape.

 NOTE: do not pull the belly band too tight as you want it to slide on and off around the fully decorated card.

 17.   Attach your decoration over the bellyband overlap to hide it.

18.   Slide it over the folded card to complete.


 Cut the belly band from the matching or contrasting card.