Toolbox - in keeping with our men's card theme this month!

A5 Base Card
8cm x 7cm matching card
7cm x 5cm Tread Plate Foil paper
Foil card scrap (6.5cm wide)
Matching and contrasting scrap for tools.
Dies – Tools
Dark ink pad
3D adhesive foam squares, double sided tape, glue dots
Base Card
In portrait mode at the 7.5cm mark cut only between 2.5cm and 16.5cm.
Turn to landscape and smaller side only score at 2.5cm, 5cm, 8cm, 11cm 16cm.
On the 6.5cm side:
2.5cm – Mountain fold
5cm – Valley fold
8cm – Mountain fold
11cm – Valley fold
16cm – Mountain fold

On the 7.5cm side:
For the other side fold whole card in half
Die Cut
Die cut tools from matching and contrasting scrap or foil scrap.

  1. Cut matching card into 4 x 7cm x 2cm pieces
  2. Using ink pad sponge around the edges of the drawers to give 3D effect
  3. Cut Foil card into 6.5cm x 3MM pieces (thin for handles). Attach 1 piece to each drawer.
  4. Using 3d adhesive foam squares, attach drawers evenly down the 7.5cm side of the base card.
  5. Tuck and attach one of the tools into a drawer.

Finishing Decoration
Back tier, attach tread plate piece on an angle.
Decorate with die cut tools (remember to tuck one piece into a drawer).
Attach sentiment to the front tier.

Variations - Wood Toolbox