Gift Box


A4 Coloured Card
Couture Creations Mini Christmas Stamps Set
Versamark ink
Coloured or Metallic embossing powder
Hole punch
60cm Ribbon
  1. In landscape (long side up), score at 5cm top to bottom.
  2. Turn to portrait (short side up) with the score line (fold line) at the bottom.
  3. Score from the fold line to the bottom at 5cm and 15cm.
  4. Score from top to bottom at 10cm and 20 cm
  1. To indicate the front panel (one furthest away from the long thin tab) stamp one image and emboss. Stamp the remainder randomly in Versamark with other images.
Cut to create flaps
  1. In portrait (short side up) and the fold line at the bottom, cut from the bottom to the fold line to create flaps.
  2. Cut the 2nd and 4th flaps in half.
  3. Cut the narrow flap cut off at the fold line and then cut on an angle to the edge to create a bevel at the bottom of the long thin tab.


  1. Put double sided tape on the outside (where the stamping is) of the long thin tab.
  2. Put double sided tape on the outside (where the stamping is) on the 2nd and 4th flaps, close to the fold line.
  3. On the reverse side (inside – no stamping) put Wonder tape (red strong tape) on the longer 1st and 3rd flaps closest to the edge (away from the fold line).
  1. Fold in at all the score lines.
  2. Fold the thin tab inside and adhere to front panel.
  3. Squeeze box lightly to pop into a 3D box.
  4. Take adhesive protective cover off the 1st (long) and 2nd (short) flaps. Fold up the short 2nd flap and cover with the1st long flap.
  5. Take adhesive protective cover off the 4th flap and adhere to the bottom. Fold up the 3rd flap and cover the bottom.
  1. Work out where the gift will come to and fold over the top of the box to make a flap.
  2. Unfold and measure & mark centre of flap on the edge. Punch a hole 1.5cm up from edge centre mark, through both panels of the box.
  3. Fold the flap down and mark the hole on the front and feel the hole through the box and mark on the back.
  4. Place a small piece of double sided tape across the mark on the back and 2 small pieces on each side of the mark (about 1 cm apart) on the front.
  5. Fold ribbon in half and attach the centre of the ribbon to the adhesive on the back of the box. Wrap each end around the box and attach to the tape on the front of the box  (you will have long ends).
Once gift inside
  1. Fold down the top of the box and thread the two ribbon ends through the hole. Tie a knot to secure. Tie a bow to finish.

Very nicely fits a tube of handcream.