How it will work:

1. Buy your May At Home / Class Card Kit online by Friday 8th May to ensure it is delivered through the post on time.
2. Book in for a Class (no cost)
3. We'll send you an invite.  This will give you a unique code to click on to join the class at the right time.
4. Download Zoom Video Conference software (it's free) onto your computer so you can join the class. Do this well BEFORE the Class and TEST to see if it works (make sure you can hear the audio and better with a webcam so we can see you to answer your questions!)
5. Have all your materials ready to make your cards.
6. At the time booked, click on the link in the invite and join in!
7. Class will be 30 - 40 minutes to make one card, then you'll be ready to go with the rest of your kit!

Saturday, 16 May - 1.30pm
Sunday, 17 May - 1.30pm