Swing / Flip Cards – Simple


  •  Coloured Base Card 10.5cm x A4
  • White card
  • Nesting Dies
  • Sentiment Stamps or stickers
  • Dye ink

 Fold base card in half

  1. Then fold front back on itself (in 1/2)
  2. Open card out and place nesting die shape on the centre fold (mountain) of the front and adhere in place with removable tape.
  3. Place cutting plate on first fold with the small end of the card not covered by the plate (with most of the card under the plate). Secure with removable tape.


  1. Cut 1 larger and 1 smaller shape in white.
  2. Stamp sentiment on small shape
  3. Fold base card to reveal swing out.
  4. Place adhesive on back of the larger white shape.
  5. Lining up under the swing card, place to frame it, and adhere to the inner back card.
  6. Adhere small stamped white shape to front of the card framing it on the swing.



Try your hand at the double swing too!


Do not cut the whole die!  Move the cutting plate from one side to the other (matching the different folds) to only cut a portion of each side of the die.