Handbag Card

Base card  A5
Decorative Paper for flap 14cm x 8cm
Scrap for label and sentiment
Large Square (14 x 14cm) Embossing folder
2 Label dies, e.g. Sizzix Framelits (1 sml for sentiment, 1 larger for inside)
Bow & Shoe (or any decorations you have)
Ribbon 17cm x 1cm
Sentiment / Stamp
3D Foam Squares, double sided tape and glue dots
  1. In portrait mode cut base card down to 14.5cm width (21cm long).
  2. Fold card and emboss with square embossing folder.
  3. On the fold, measure 1.5cm from in each side and mark. With the card remaining folded, cut from the mark to the bottom corner of the card on each side to form handbag shape.
  4. Using decorative paper in portrait mode, score at 2cm.
  5. Measure 2cm down from the fold (on the long side and mark on each side.
  6. Measure the centre of the long side and mark.
  7. Cut from each 2cm side mark and the centre mark to form the front flap triangle.
  8. Create a mountain fold on the 2cm score line.
  9. With 2cm section to the back, fold over card and affix with small glue dot at the back. Score along sides of card and cut to match sides. Remove and take off glue dot.
  10. Create slots for ribbon. On the back side of the decorative paper on the score line, mark 0.5cm in from each end, then 1cm in from that mark (1.5cm in total or width of ribbon).
  11. Cut the slots for the ribbon.
  12. Thread ribbon into the paper remembering which side of the ribbon will show at the front.
  13. Affix each end with a small glue dot to the back side of the paper on the 2cm section (what will be the back side of the bag).
  14. Attach 2 strips of tape across the back of the decorative paper covering the ribbon. Affix tape around the front flap.
  15. With the base card folded, affix the flap starting with the back first. With the folded card flat on the table, fold the front card backwards to flatten on the table to complete (this way the flap will move a little over the card and open properly.
  16. Stamp sentiment on scrap and diecut using the label die.
  17. Diecut the bow and shoe and attach.
  18. Attach the sentiment label using 3D foam squares.
  19. Attach bling.
  20. Attach larger label inside for writing on (as it will be too hard to write on the embossing).