Standup Photo Card



30cm x 30cm card for base card
A4 decorative paper
White card – for Centre and Message
Sentiments/Greetings Stickers

Base Card

Base card – cut 15 cm x 30 cm

Base card front panels (2x) - 15 cm x 7.5 cm


  1. If using textured card, turn over and score and cut on the ‘back’. With base card in landscape position, score at 5, 10, 20 and 25 cms.
  2.  Keeping base card in landscape – start at 2.5 cms from left hand side and score down 2.5 cms.

Lift scorer (if using cutting/scoring board) and move down to 12.5cms (still at 2.5 cms from left hand side) and score to the bottom.

Repeat at 12.5, 17.5 and 27.5 cms.


  1. Turn card to portrait. At 2.5cm down from the top and 2.5 cm in from the right hand side (at the ‘bottom’ of the 2.5 cm scored mark), cut to the 12.5cm mark (within the card).
  2. Lift the cutter and move to 17.5 cm mark. Cut to the 27.5 cm mark.
  3. Turn the card 180 degrees and repeat on the other side.


  1. With the card in portrait, starting from the top. Folds are to be lightly done as there may be need for adjustment.

Looking at the outer sections only - at 2.5 cm fold the outer scored (2.5cm pieces) into a mountain fold, at 5cm valley, 10cm mountain, 12.5cm valley.

  1. In the centre of the card, at 5cm, fold the inner scored section into a mountain fold, 10cm valley
  2.  Turn and repeat from other end.
  3.  Turn over – this will be the front (textured). Fold the card closed loosely and line up centre folds and then press firmly all folds to align.


A4 Decorative Paper

Front Panels (2x) – 6.5cm x 14cm

Upper and Lower Panels (4x) – 1.5cm x 4cm

How to cut:

  1. With the A4 card in portrait, cut at 6.5cm (down one edge). Turn to landscape and cut the two 14cm pieces from it.
  2. Cut strip 4cm wide and then turn and cut into 1.5cm pieces (you need 4).

White card

Photo Panel (Inner Centre Mat) – 9.5cm x 9.5cm (check this sizing on your base card before cutting)

The central photo panel can be cut from the white card (or a plain card that is matching/contrasting to the base card).

Message Panel - 4.5cm x 9.5cm

Decorate Card

  1. Attach white square card to the inner centre panel.
  2. Affix the embellishments (for example stars) to the centre upper and lower sections (2.5cm sections). This helps direct you when affixing the inner panels.
  3. Using the small decorative panels affix to either side of centre panels in the upper and lower sections (2.5cm sections).
  4. Using the white card attach to the inner right hand side panel (next to the inner centre square panel).
  5. On the left hand side panel (next to the inner centre square panel), affix your greeting/sentiment sticker.
  6. Attach the decorative cards to the neutral/metallic panels and affix to the 2 front base card panels.

Affixing Front Panels

NOTE: Placing the front panels is a little tricky.  Practice the ‘attaching’ below without adhesive.

With the base card folded up, place adhesive along the full length of the left and right edges of the front.  Place a smaller piece before the centre folds on the right and left fronts. (Do not put tape on the separate top panels.)


Carefully hold the folded base card, while lining up the two front panels at the centre.  Place carefully to cover the top and bottom of the base card while ensuring the centres meet together.

Press down on all folds to crease firmly and align.

Attach embellishments to the front.