A5 Base Card
A5 Japanese Patterned Paper
A5 Card - matching or contrasting
X-Press Thin Foil Tape
Mini Flower Punch
Gold Thread
3D adhesive foam squares, double sided tape, glue dots

Base Card
Fold base card in half.
Decorative Paper

  1. From the short side of the decorative paper, cut 2 strips - 1cm x 15cm.
  2. Using the base card in portrait, attach the first strip of decorative paper vertically 0.5 cm (½ cm) in from the left hand fold.
  3. In portrait, attach the second strip horizontally 1.5cm up from the bottom of the base card.
  4. Trim any overhang from the strips.
  1. From the remaining decorative paper cut a 6cm strip (x approx. 19cm).
  2. Attach the thin foil tape along one long edge of the decorative paper.
Folding the Fan
  1. In landscape, fold in half
  2. Open out and fold sides in to meet the centre fold.
  3. Turn and fold sides in to meet the centre fold.
  4. Repeat until you have it all folded up (approx. 0.5cm folds). Fold the last piece backwards to fold in half.
  5. Unfold and concertina at the marked folds.
Tie thread
  1. Leaving approx. 6cm trailing at the beginning wrap the gold thread around the concertina fan approx. 1 cm from the bottom (opposite end to the foil tape).
  2. Wrap a number of times and tie off. Leaving a second trailing end of the thread of approx. 6cm cut off.
  3. Fan out the top concertina from the tie to get your fan.
Contrast or Matching Card
  1. Cut to 9cm x 13.8cm and attach to base card
  2. Cut or punch a 2.5 x 2.5cm square and attach sentiment.
  1. Attach sentiment card using 3D adhesive foam squares to bottom right hand corner.
  2. Attach fan on an angle using double sided tape with the highest point of the fan, approx. 1.5-2cm from top of contrasting card.
  3. Using a glue dot placed under the tie of the fan position the trailing ends to ‘fall’ onto the contrast card.
  4. Punch 3 flowers and attach, using glue dots, in a slight curve from the end of the fan and down the card.