A5 Base Card
½ A5 Contrasting Card
½ A5 Japanese Patterned Paper
Card scraps (no more than 200gsm)
Thin Foam sheet
Corner Rounder
Washi Tape
Adhesive tape runner, double sided tape,
3D adhesive foam squares

Puffy Shapes
1. To create the body, cut 3.5cm x 6cm from scrap card.
2. To create the sleeves, cut or punch 2 x 2.5cm x 2.5cm squares from scrap card and round one corner only.
3. Cover with runner tape.
4. Attach to foam sheet and cut out around shapes.
5. On the foam side, place a short strip of runner tape on each piece.
6. On the foam side, attach one piece to decorative paper and cut out with approx. 0.5cm (½cm) extra around each side. Repeat with remaining shapes.
7. On the back (card side) of the shape, attach runner tape around each side leaving the centre free (for holding when folding).
8. Cut from each corner of the decorative paper towards but not right up to (2mm), the corner of the foam shape.
9. For the curve: Cutting towards the shape but leaving a small gap before the shape (2mm), make narrowly spaced cuts, approx. 3mm apart, around the curve.
Folding the paper around the foam shapes
10. Fold in 1 side in tightly and trim away the little triangle formed by the folded paper, from each inner side of the foam shape. (Do not cut the remaining side pieces of paper.)
11. Do the curve 2nd: Start folding in one direction around any curve and fold in working towards the curve. You may have to add additional runner tape on top of the already folded paper as it will overlap around the curves.
12. Repeat until all sides folded in. The last fold should be a straight side will have the triangles on the outside. Trim away.

Washi Tape Decorations
13. From scrap card, cut a strip 2.5cm x the width of the puffy rectangle (approx. 3.5cm). Cover with washi tape.
14. In landscape, cut off 1 cm and cut in half lengthwise.
Base Card and Contrasting Card
15. Fold base card in half.
16. Cut contrasting card to 9.5cm x 13.8cm
17. Attach a piece of washi horizontally across the bottom of the contrasting card approx. 2.5cm up from the bottom.
18. Attach a piece of card approx. 0.5cm (½ cm) x 9.5cm horizontally across centre of washi tape.
19. Attach to font of base card.
Puffy Kimono
20. The rectangle forms the body. Approx. 2cm down from the top of the contrasting card, centre and attach the rectangle.
21. The squares form the sleeves and the rounded corners will be at the bottom outer corners.
22. Attach one square with the rounded corner on the bottom right hand side to the right hand side of the rectangle, lining up the tops and tucking it in as close to the body as possible for a tight fit.
23. Attach the other square with the rounded corner on the bottom left hand side to the left hand side of the rectangle, lining up the tops and tucking it in as close to the body as possible for a tight fit.
Washi Decorations
24. The 2 smaller pieces cross to form a collar and the larger piece a sash.
25. Cross the two smaller pieces and attach with glue dots to the back of the sash piece. Attach double sided tape across the sash.
26. Line up the tops of the crossed pieces with the top of the body rectangle to form the collar and attach the sash.
27. Stamp or attach sentiment to scrap and cut or dies cut into a banner.
28. Attach with 3D adhesive foam squares in the centre of the washi and card strip at the bottom of the card.